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Vitamin D- 1000 (60pcs)

Vitamin D- 1000 (60pcs)
Vitamin D- 1000 (60pcs)
Vitamin D- 1000 (60pcs)
Vitamin D- 1000 (60pcs)
Vitamin D- 1000 (60pcs)
Vitamin D- 1000 (60pcs)
Vitamin D- 1000 (60pcs)
Vitamin D- 1000 (60pcs)
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  • 60 pcs, 1000iu
  • Vitality
  • 100% natural, free of additives and chemicals
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Adequate levels of vitamin D in the body also play an important role in the prevention and treatment of various diseases, according to a new study. Most people have heard that vitamin D affects the healthy development and function of bones by regulating calcium levels in the blood.

The role of vitamin D in preventing and treating cancer

  • Much scientific evidence suggests that higher levels of vitamin D in the body reduce the risk of developing certain types of cancer, reduce the chance of developing metastases associated with advanced tumors, and make cancer easier to treat.
  • Many factors can play a role in the development of breast tumors, including poor eating habits. Scientific studies show that the right amount of vitamin D can prevent breast cancer and that cancer patients with the right vitamin D are more likely to recover.
  • Vitamin D can also help prevent colon cancer, as those whose bodies get enough vitamin D are at a much lower risk of developing colon cancer.

Vitamin D deficiency and depression

  • Since a significant part of the vitamin D required for our body is formed in our skin when exposed to sunlight, the vitamin D level also drops in winter due to a lack of light. The appearance of symptoms of winter depression (depression, anger, irritability) is associated with vitamin deficiency.

Vitamin D helps prevent diabetes

  • Research shows that vitamin D plays a role in preventing type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Some viral infections kill pancreatic cells so that they cannot make enough insulin. Vitamin D reduces the likelihood of dangerous viral infections.

Vitamin D deficiency and cardiovascular diseases

  • Various studies have shown that a vitamin D deficiency also increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and heart attacks.

Vitamin D also strengthens the immune system

  • When a pathogen enters the body, vitamin D triggers an immune response and thus also plays a role in preventing colds. Failure to do so can lead to severe autoimmune diseases.

Vitamin D deficiency and thyroid disease

Vitamin D has long been considered a "simple" vitamin, but in recent years researchers have recognized that it acts almost like a hormone and thus plays an important role in the healthy functioning of hormone homeostasis. Because of this, its deficiency is often linked to insulin resistance and thyroid disease.

Vitamin D deficiency and PCOS

  • Vitamin D has a hormone-like effect on the body and, among other things, plays a role in the development and maturation of eggs. Studies have shown that every second patient with PCOS has a significant vitamin D deficiency, especially in those with abdominal obesity. A link has also been found between the level of vitamin D deficiency and the levels of the LH and FSH hormones that stimulate ovulation. Still, vitamin D deficiency can be the missing link in explaining why symptoms worsen in some PCOS patients while others are marginally affected.

Vitamin D is also important in family planning

  • According to a study published in 2012, the chances of having a baby can be impaired even if the body has adequate vitamin D levels. This is supported by the old observation that the number of pregnancies in the Nordic countries decreased in winter. Of course, adequate vitamin levels are important not only to increase fertility but also to support the fetus. Nothing proves this more than that after conception the body tries to increase its vitamin D reserves to unprecedented levels. The maternal body is the only source of vitamin D for the fetus. If this is not the case, skeletal disease can develop, and it is likely that the maturation of muscles, nervous system, and immune system will be affected by maternal vitamin deficiencies.

It even plays a role in the effectiveness of your diet!

  • Numerous studies have shown that a proper diet high in vitamin D, deficient in vitamin D, or diet low in vitamin D can be more effective in shedding excess pounds.

Vitamin D Deficiency Behind Prostate Cancer?

  • Researchers in Chicago have shown that vitamin D affects the growth and differentiation of benign and malignant prostate cells. A study by Clinical Cancer Research found that low levels of vitamin D could predict the risk of aggressive prostate cancer


  • They are based on pectin
  • Gluten, soy, lactose and GMO free
  • They contribute to the functioning of the immune system
  • Super tasty gummy sugar instead of big and unpleasant tasting pills
  • 1000 IU of active ingredient in each gum

Recommended dosage:

  •  1 gum per day to maintain a healthy immune system
  •  2 gums per day during the recovery phases.

Our vitamin D3 gummies not only support your immune system, but also our environment. All of our bottles are 100% biodegradable and decompose to 90% under compostable conditions within just 6 months. The biodegradable material is obtained from sugar, a renewable resource of vegetable origin. The raw material comes from sugar surpluses in Southeast Asian developing countries, which helps local farmers in rural areas achieve more stable sugar prices. In the manufacture of the final product, the carbon footprint of our bottles is about 75% lower than the carbon footprint of traditional plastic bottles, and even 90% lower than that of traditional glass bottles.

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