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CBD Oil 1000mg THC free (10%)

CBD Oil 1000mg THC free (10%)
CBD Oil 1000mg THC free (10%)
CBD Oil 1000mg THC free (10%)
CBD Oil 1000mg THC free (10%)
CBD Oil 1000mg THC free (10%)
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Highly recommended for those who already use products containing CBD. It has an excellent effect on the immune system, mental problems (anxiety, panic, depressive states). Regular treatments are recommended throughout the year, even in smaller doses. Vitamin D and Vitamin C are recommended for strengthening the immune system.

It effectively fights pain. It provides effective and quick relief, especially for moderate joint, muscle and other chronic pain, even when taken on a case-by-case basis.

The taste is moderately strong hemp.


2-3x10-15 drops. If you are taking other medications (especially those that contain steroids), never take CBD oil at the same time as other medications.

The recommended daily dose for a healthy adult is 70 mg / day. Dosage should be adjusted individually for chronic pain and other chronic and cancerous conditions.

THC content 0.00%

If you are unsure about the CBD, contact us and we will help.

1 bottle 10 ml, 10 ml = 300 drops. 1 drop = 3.4 mg CBD

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