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Sleep Well CBD 500mg - 1000mg GABA amino

Sleep Well CBD 500mg  - 1000mg GABA amino
Sleep Well CBD 500mg - 1000mg GABA amino
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10 ml of CBD full spectrum oil (containing 500mg CBD) in combination with 1000mg Gaba as a neurotransmitter has a sedative effect.

GABA is a natural stress reliever and is therefore one of the best natural remedies for mental relaxation.

GABA ensures that stimuli entering the nervous system are slowed down

Basically, GABA precisely blocks the signals that are triggered by stress reactions and want to reach the motor centers of the brain. Therefore, it can be said that the effect of GABA in the brain is to relax thoughts and contribute to internal balance.

When excessive stimulation causes sleep problems, GABA receptors help find internal balance and make it easier to fall asleep and sleep.

The combination of CBD and GABA reduces the risk of developing diseases such as:

  • gastrointestinal diseases: gastric ulcer, reflux, IBS, etc.
  • hormonal disorders: infertility, thyroid disorder, diabetes, obesity, etc.
  • pain syndromes
  • exhaustion diseases
  • psychiatric disorders: depression, panic disorder, difficulty in treating temper, anxiety, psychosomatic disorders
  • learning, memory, decision difficulties, physical and mental performance impairment
  • risk of accident due to concentration disturbance


  • 1-3 puffs in the evening before going to bed (the effect occurs within 1 hour)

This product is in spray format. The contents of a 10 ml bottle are approx. 300 drops or 90 blows.

1 puff = 3 drops = 5.5 mg CBD + 11 mg GABA.

In addition to taking CBD continuously, evening CBD can also be triggered by pain, as the amount of CBD in it effectively combats the pain. In the case of chronic and very severe pain, the amount of CBD can be increased up to 70-300 mg per day.

Maximum recommended daily dose: 9 puffs.

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