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Anti Stress CBD 500mg - Glutamin 1000mg (spray)

Anti Stress CBD 500mg - Glutamin 1000mg (spray)
Anti Stress CBD 500mg - Glutamin 1000mg (spray)
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Stress relieving CBD 500 mg + glutamine Our 1000 mg product effectively combines the beneficial effects of CBD and glutamine.

Daily use does not preclude the use of additional CBD oil. Especially recommended for daytime activities. It can help reduce waves of frustration in daily stressful situations, and in the long run, it will not allow stress to be embedded or will have less of an impact on our bodies. We can also contribute to maintaining our mental and physical health in the long run.

Glutamine is one of the twenty amino acids that are the building blocks of proteins in our body. While we don’t need large amounts - in part because our body also produces the amount we need - it can be terribly good for a stronger workout plan or an extra recovery during pre-race preparation as it helps build muscle but reduces muscle loss. It also promotes muscle regeneration, which is just another positive. In addition to increasing physical fitness, it has another very important effect, it has the same strong effect on the brain as it does on muscle building. Because it greatly strengthens the efficiency of the immune system and maintains blood sugar levels, much more energy is produced in the body, which has a good effect on brain function. Increased glutamine activity not only strengthens memory, but also basic cognitive functions such as reasoning, fluent speech, and creativity, making it good for a university lecture or project work, for example. But that’s not all, as in addition to these, it helps with relaxation, concentration, which comes in handy in these situations, and then also helps with sleep in the evening, so that we can relax after a hard day. But not only those who want to be more alert or stronger use glutamine, but also those who have undergone surgery or surgery. Whether it’s burns or any wound, glutamine does a lot to speed up the healing phase.

It is also worth taking it for a while after recovery, as bed rest weakens the immune system and muscles, and glutamine weakens both. Most experts say it’s already too much and they prefer 1 to 5 grams a day.

Of course, everyone has a different body and preferences, so you need to start with your intake the least and move up so that the user can find the exact amount for themselves.

Daily dosing recommendation:

  • spray product blows under the tongue 3x1 daily
  • in the case of a drop format product, 3x5 drops per day
  • It is introduced with daily dosing
  • CBD amount: 5.5 mg / puff
  • Amount of glutamine: 11.11 mg / puff
  • Maximum recommended daily dose: 7 puffs
  • Product with 10 ml nozzle, 500 mg CBD and 1000 mg glutamine!

One 10 ml bottle contains 90 swellings or 300 drops.

Manufacturer: Valeo-Laboratories GmbH -Berlin

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