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The WHO has published “an overview of diseases for which CBD may have therapeutic benefits”. This is based on the studies of Pisanti et al. (2017) in the journal Pharmacology & Therapeutics. The list of diseases includes:

  • Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, Huntington's disease
  • Ischemic-hypoxic injuries, pain, psychosis, anxiety, depression, cancer, nausea, inflammatory diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, infections, inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn's disease, cardiovascular disease and diabetic complications.

"But there are still a lot of misunderstandings, and we're trying to learn from doctors who are truly innovative about cannabis, as well as families and patients. We learn from what we discover for ourselves and share information about what CBD is really therapeutic for."

Stress relieving CBD 500 mg + glutamine Our 1000 mg product effectively combines the beneficial effects of CBD and glutamine.Daily use does not preclude the use of additional CBD oil. Especially recommended for daytime activities. It can help reduce waves of frustration in daily stressful situations..
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This oil contains 500 mg of CBD and 500 mg of CBG.Does not contain THC!Summarizes the effects of CBD and CBG.How do you relate to the CBD?Both CBD and CBG are non-toxic cannabinoids, meaning they have no psychoactive effect. Both interact with the same receptors. However, CBG appears to have differe..
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CBD Oil 1000mg (10%) CBD Oil 1000mg (10%)
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It is especially recommended for those who already use CBD-containing products. It has an excellent effect on the immune system, mental problems (anxiety, panic, depressive states). Regular cure-taking is recommended throughout the year, even in smaller doses. Vitamin D and vitamin C are recommended..
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CBD Oil 1500mg (15%) CBD Oil 1500mg (15%)
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Full spectrum oil contains all the treasures of hemp.t is especially recommended for pain relief and relief of anxiety complaints.From hemp from organic farms. The taste is moderately strong.Its dosage depends on the individual and the other medicines you are already taking. General dosage: 2-3x 5-1..
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CBD Oil 250mg (2.5%) CBD Oil 250mg (2.5%)
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The entry level in the world of CBD oils. It is most recommended for strengthening the immune system and reducing elevated mental conditions during the day.In case of immune strengthening we also recommend vitamins D3 + Omega 3-6.If you are taking other medicines, never take the medicine at the same..
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This oil is especially recommended for people with persistent pain. It helps reduce pain quickly and effectively. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It is characterized by a strong astringent taste. Take with a dropper to place under the tongue and hold in the mouth for 60 seconds, then swall..
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CBD Oil 500mg (5%) CBD Oil 500mg (5%)
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This oil is the entry level in pain relief, stress relief, anxiety relief, insomnia overcoming in the world of CBD oils.Full Spectrum -10 ml10ml ≈ 300 drops, 1 drop ≈ 1.7mg of CBDThe recommended dose for adults is initially 3 drops twice a day, if after a few days no significant change is observed, ..
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Lack of serotonin, or "pleasure hormone," has been linked to many diseases, such as migraines, depression, nervous, eating, and sexual disorders!Why can serotonin levels drop?There has been a lot of research on this topic, which is quite diverse. For example, it has been shown that during menopause,..
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10 ml CBD is a full-spectrum oil supported by the power of L-arginine for men’s health.L-arginine has a stimulating effect and dilates blood vessels. This not only leads to a pleasant feeling and fuller appearance, but also improves the supply of nutrients to the muscle cells and thus increases male..
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10 ml of CBD full spectrum oil (containing 500mg CBD) in combination with 1000mg Gaba as a neurotransmitter has a sedative effect.GABA is a natural stress reliever and is therefore one of the best natural remedies for mental relaxation.GABA ensures that stimuli entering the nervous system are slowed..
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