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Manpower CBD 500mg-L-Arginine 1000mg (in spray)

Manpower CBD 500mg-L-Arginine 1000mg (in spray)
Manpower CBD 500mg-L-Arginine 1000mg (in spray)
Manpower CBD 500mg-L-Arginine 1000mg (in spray)
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10 ml CBD is a full-spectrum oil supported by the power of L-arginine for men’s health.

L-arginine has a stimulating effect and dilates blood vessels. This not only leads to a pleasant feeling and fuller appearance, but also improves the supply of nutrients to the muscle cells and thus increases male performance.

L-arginine directly contains most nitric oxide

The high content of nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels and improves blood circulation. Achieving an erection requires venous blood that flows back through the muscles and can cause an erection. However, arterial blood must flow more intensively into the penis as the blood vessels dilate. This is not possible without inadequate L-arginine intake / production.

The opinion of various urologists and andrologists is that the evaluation of the possibilities of L-arginine is completely positive. Above all, the favorable "impact-risk profile" is praised: the impact is very good and is not affected by any perceptible risk.

L-arginine is the amino acid from which the cGMP erectile material is derived by various biochemical intermediates in erectile tissue.

The contents of the bottle are 10ml, about 300 drops, 90 blow spray

1 drop contains: 1.6 mg CBD and 3.4 mg L-Arginine

1 suppression spray contains: 5.5mg CBD and 11mg L-Argining


  • this product was created exclusively for men to support male potency
  • however, a wider blood supply also protects the prostate from inflammation and other lesions
  • recommended for erectile problems 3-5 drops per day (unlike other potency enhancers, not dangerous for the heart) or 1 spray
  • for prostate problems: 2-4 drops a day (1 spray)
  • Recommended maximum daily dose: 2 puffs or 10 drops

Manufacturer: Valeo Laboratories Germany

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