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CBD for cats

CBD for cats
CBD for cats
CBD for cats
CBD for cats
CBD for cats
CBD for cats
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CBD oil is also becoming increasingly popular among livestock keepers. No wonder, because it turned out that the anti-inflammatory, relaxing and analgesic properties of hemp plant extract have a positive effect on cats and their companions as well. CBD oil is especially recommended for cats for fear, pain and stress. Cannabidiol (CBD) is also said to relieve the symptoms of cancer or arthritis. The use of a product without terpenes is especially important for velvet paws, otherwise digestive problems may occur. However, one should not be afraid of addictions or intoxicating effects.

It can be effective in CBD cats in the following areas:

  • Anti-inflammatory,
  • analgesic,
  • anxiolytic,
  • anti-tumor,
  • antispasmodic, antibacterial, antidepressant,
  • neuroprotective (protects nerve cells)

CBD for cats: owners should be aware of this!!

Cats have specifics about CBD. Because their metabolism is significantly faster, the effect of cannabidiol on you wears out faster than in dogs. Studies have also found that traditional CBD oil can cause digestive problems and malaise in cats. In addition, liver and kidney damage are also under discussion. Cats do not appear to have the enzymes needed to break down terpenes. Therefore, it is advisable to give preference to CBD oil for cats that do not contain terpene - so there is no full spectrum CBD oil. In addition, high quality workmanship must be ensured.

Dosage instructions

  • disease administration, arthritis 2x0.5 mg / kg daily
  • Inflammatory bowel disease 2 x 0.2 mg / kg daily
  • asthma 2x0.5 mg / kg daily
  • Chronic upper respiratory infections 2x5mg / kg daily

CBD oil for cats - side effects?

CBD oil is considered well tolerated. However, side effects cannot be completely ruled out. Occasionally, animals were observed to respond to somnolence after ingestion of CBD oil.

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