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CBD soft-capsule (10mg)

CBD soft-capsule (10mg)
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CBD soft-capsule (10mg)
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The encapsulated CBD. It is especially recommended for those who want a prolonged effect. The capsule takes effect only 1-3 hours after ingestion (oil 20-40 minutes), but its effect lasts up to 8 hours (oil 4-5 hours).

However, it is important to know that the capsule is absorbed in the stomach, so you lose a lot of its active ingredient (absorption is about 70%).

Each capsule contained 10 mg of CBD extract. Full spectrum.

Each box contains 30 capsules, so you will find 300 mg of CBD in one box. The daily dose is 2-5 capsules / day / adult.

It is also recommended for those taking other medications. It is very important that there is at least a 2 hour difference between CBD and medication intake.

Not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.

To learn more, visit our CBD Learn page.

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