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CBD Oil 500mg (5%)

CBD Oil 500mg (5%)
CBD Oil 500mg (5%)
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CBD Oil 500mg (5%)
CBD Oil 500mg (5%)
CBD Oil 500mg (5%)
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This oil is the entry level in pain relief, stress relief, anxiety relief, insomnia overcoming in the world of CBD oils.

Full Spectrum -10 ml

10ml ≈ 300 drops, 1 drop ≈ 1.7mg of CBD

The recommended dose for adults is initially 3 drops twice a day, if after a few days no significant change is observed, the dose can be increased to 2x5, 2x10 drops. Never take it at the same time as your traditional medicines.

If you suffer from insomnia, do not take the oil just 0.5-1 hours before bedtime.

The oil is most effective when kept under the tongue for 60 seconds, its absorption is best here. After 60 seconds, swallow it with confidence.

The taste is slightly bitter.

THC <0.2%

If you are unsure about CBD products, contact us and we will help you choose the most suitable product for you.

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Pain reliefMérsékelt
Anxiety / psychiatric symptomsKözepesen magas
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