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CBD for Vitality

CBD for Vitality
CBD for Vitality

The human body is exposed to many diseases, infections, viruses and bacteria every day. Without an immune system, even the most common disease can be fatal. The immune system is an arrangement of cells, tissues, and organs that work together to eliminate foreign particles and invaders. OK.

Your immune system is also responsible for recognizing and removing defective cells in the body. The immune system must remove these cells to prevent them from growing, which can lead to tumors.


Cannabidiol can help boost the immune system. In fact, research has shown that CBD has anti-inflammatory properties and can act as an immunosuppressant and immunomodulator.

For example, inflammation is one of the most important processes in the body's immune system. This helps to isolate the infected areas and prevents the spread of toxic components to other parts of the body. CBD contains anti-inflammatory elements that help reduce the inflammatory response of the immune system.

In addition, CBD may help modulate or suppress cytokine function and secretion. These are large groups of proteins that are secreted by the body's immune system. It helps regulate inflammation, immunity and white blood cell production. All of this promotes a smarter functioning and health of the immune system.

Stress relieving CBD 500 mg + glutamine Our 1000 mg product effectively combines the beneficial effects of CBD and glutamine.Daily use does not preclude the use of additional CBD oil. Especially recommended for daytime activities. It can help reduce waves of frustration in daily stressful situations..
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This oil contains 500 mg of CBD and 500 mg of CBG.Does not contain THC!Summarizes the effects of CBD and CBG.How do you relate to the CBD?Both CBD and CBG are non-toxic cannabinoids, meaning they have no psychoactive effect. Both interact with the same receptors. However, CBG appears to have differe..
Ex Tax:54.00€
CBD Gummi
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The treasures of the CBD in one cubeYou can even use it while driving. It has a delicate and fruity taste.Highly recommended for a quick solution. (eg in case of headache)Attention: the product is very delicate, easily exceeding the recommended daily dose (3-5 gums / day).It can also be consumed by ..
Ex Tax:28.25€
CBD Oil 1000mg (10%) CBD Oil 1000mg (10%)
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It is especially recommended for those who already use CBD-containing products. It has an excellent effect on the immune system, mental problems (anxiety, panic, depressive states). Regular cure-taking is recommended throughout the year, even in smaller doses. Vitamin D and vitamin C are recommended..
Ex Tax:46.59€
Highly recommended for those who already use products containing CBD. It has an excellent effect on the immune system, mental problems (anxiety, panic, depressive states). Regular treatments are recommended throughout the year, even in smaller doses. Vitamin D and Vitamin C are recommended for stren..
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CBD Oil 1500mg (15%) CBD Oil 1500mg (15%)
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Full spectrum oil contains all the treasures of hemp.t is especially recommended for pain relief and relief of anxiety complaints.From hemp from organic farms. The taste is moderately strong.Its dosage depends on the individual and the other medicines you are already taking. General dosage: 2-3x 5-1..
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CBD Oil 250mg (2.5%) CBD Oil 250mg (2.5%)
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The entry level in the world of CBD oils. It is most recommended for strengthening the immune system and reducing elevated mental conditions during the day.In case of immune strengthening we also recommend vitamins D3 + Omega 3-6.If you are taking other medicines, never take the medicine at the same..
Ex Tax:15.00€
It is best recommended to strengthen the immune system and reduce elevated mental states during the day. If the immune system is strengthened, we also recommend vitamins D3 + Omega 3-6.Daily dosage: for adults, initially 2-3x3 drops, then the dose can be gradually increased to 2-3x10 drops..
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This oil is especially recommended for people with persistent pain. It helps reduce pain quickly and effectively. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It is characterized by a strong astringent taste. Take with a dropper to place under the tongue and hold in the mouth for 60 seconds, then swall..
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CBD Oil 500mg (5%) CBD Oil 500mg (5%)
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This oil is the entry level in pain relief, stress relief, anxiety relief, insomnia overcoming in the world of CBD oils.Full Spectrum -10 ml10ml ≈ 300 drops, 1 drop ≈ 1.7mg of CBDThe recommended dose for adults is initially 3 drops twice a day, if after a few days no significant change is observed, ..
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CBD Oil 500mg THC free CBD Oil 500mg THC free
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The entry-level pain relief in the world of CBD oils is this oil.10 ml ≈ 300 drops, 1 drop ≈ 1.7 mg500 mg CBD / bottleThe recommended dose for adults is initially 3 drops twice a day. If no significant change is observed after a few days, the dose may be increased to 2x5, 2x10 drops. Never take it a..
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CBD Skunk aromaflower (10g) CBD Skunk aromaflower (10g)
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CBD Skunk Outdoor Aroma Flowers are grown under organic conditions. Highly recommended for quick attenuation of elevated conditions. It helps smokers quit nicotine-containing tobacco products.This variety is known worldwide for its sweet and astringent traits.CBD content <6%THC content <0..
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